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If you're planning on buying hardwood flooring for your home then you have to know we have a variety of types of woods out there. Including many common varieties such as ash, beech, walnut, cherry and walnut. From them all, bamboo flooring is among the more popular options for covering your floors, as they will bring a bit of heat to your home.

With limited maintenance, the attractiveness of bamboo floors will stay for several decades. Moreover, bamboo flooring also help in raising the monetary value of your home to a extent. Oak flooring readily complements well alongside almost any type of furniture and space. This means you could install them in dining rooms, bedrooms and even in living rooms. Nowadays, you will discover a lot of distinct types of oak flooring, so it's bit tricky to decide on any one from the bunch.

Why elect for oak floorings?

Among the main reasons to select pine flooring for your home is the fact that it offers durability. Along with this, oak flooring always appears high quality and also provides excellent beauty.

Mainly, oak flooring is categorised into two forms such as: white oak and walnut. White oak is little harder than the red one which means that white oak flooring supplies higher shock absorption. Both red and white oak consist of a higher concentration of tannic acid which makes them fungi resistant.

Last, white pine can also be impermeable to liquids which make them an excellent choice for areas like kitchens, rooms and bathrooms in which spills are common. Red oak is a much favorite alternative for many homes with families as the color can hide scratches and stains more efficiently.


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